As wakeboarders we love obstacles – outside of wakebording, they can at times be less fun. One of the obstacles affecting all our lives these days is Covid 19.

First of all, we should all be happy about the great season we had this year, who would have thought we get to ride so many laps in the beginning of this year?!

Now, the numbers of new infections per day in The Netherlands are alarming and therefore, new regulations are in place that also effect us:

  • the restaurant @mobydickroermond will be closed from now on (no drinks or food will be available)
  • showers and changing rooms will be closed, emergency toilets are available, please change at your car before / after the ride
  • no spectators are welcome at the entire wake park, purely the wakeboarders and waterskiers during the time they ride (please leave immediately after your ride)
  • in addition to the 1,5m distance anyone has to keep (also within the groups of 4), people are only allowed to wait in groups of max. 4 people, so there must be a clear seperation from all groups of 4 
  • we strongly advise you, to wear a mouthguard until directly before / after your ride 
  • you will have to buy your tickets online before you come (; iDeal is available too)

Let us all work together to follow the rules and finish the season in a save way! It might habe been easier to close now but we wanted to keep the stoke available for you guys until the end of the month!